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We are pleased to share with our members and friends that the Pan African Collective (PAC) has nearly completed the process of having our first registered presence on the African continent! It will be located in Rwanda, known as The Land of a Thousand Hills! In many ways the decision to establish an official presence in Rwanda is not surprising; through a partnership with Greater Mt. Nebo African Methodist Episcopal Church in Bowie, MD, where the PAC President Rev. Dr. Jonathan Weaver serves as the Pastor, the PAC has engaged in a two-week annual medical mission project in Rwanda since 2012, providing health care for over 10,000 persons in rural areas of the country over that period of time. Last year, at the beginning of the corona virus outbreak in Rwanda, through  Mukanama Deo Clemence, a member of a local church which hosted the medical missions groups in the past, volunteered to distribute 1,000 masks that were made in Rwanda but purchased by the PAC, and given to residents in need in the capital city of Kigali.. Owing to the desire of the PAC to formalize our presence in Rwanda, Rev. Weaver met with Mukanama Clemence and two other interested local residents to discuss the possibility of a chapter creation in early October of last year. Working with a local attorney, the process for securing registration for a legal presence the PAC in Rwanda should be completed shortly. Mukanama Deo Clemence, a graduate of the Adventist University of Central Africa, will be the Executive Director of this historic chapter. Expect to learn more about this exciting development very soon! 

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