The Weaver Primary and secondary school

     The  Weaver Primary and Secondary School currently has an enrollment of six hundred students. The students consist of orphans, children of refugees, and many young people who are physically disabled. In a nation where the unemployment rate is nearly ninety percent (yes ninety percent!) and where the average citizen makes less than a dollar each day, it is virtually impossible for the school to be sustained through local financial resources, and thus relies upon external support.

     The school urgently needs $14,000 to cover the following operating costs for the balance of this academic year: teacher salaries ($10,000), supplies such as chalk, pencils, erasers, and composition books ($1,000), classroom building rent ($1,500), and a government mandated school registration fee ($1,500). 

     Please join me in giving the students at the Weaver School hope, encouragement, and the opportunity for a brighter future by contributing toward the needed funds. 

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