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The Pan African Collective supports:


Medical-Mission Programs/Projects in Haiti, Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of the Congo to deliver medicines and mental health support for people who have lived in conflicted countries. Since 2011, over two thousand people have received primary health from the PAC, with over ninety percent of the patients seeing a physician for the first time in their lives. We train doctors and others to use the supplies we leave behind in order for them to continue meeting the needs of the people.


School Fees Support Program which provides the required school fees for orphans and other children living in refugee camps in and near Goma in the eastern region of The Congo. The yearly school fees are $63 per child. We currently underwrite school fees for 100 children attending the Lusaka Primary School in Goma.

Sponsorship program which gives you the opportunity to sponsor and impact the lives of individuals with specific needs.


Tree-Planting initiatives to stop erosion in Haiti caused by deforestation.


Please specify if you would like your donation to be directed to a particular program in the "write a note" section of the PayPal page (located beneath the amount donated).

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