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The Pan African Collective Launches into Rwanda!


We are pleased to share with our members and friends that the Pan African Collective (PAC) has nearly completed the process of having our first registered presence on the African continent! It will be located in Rwanda, known as The Land of a Thousand Hills! In many ways the decision to establish an official presence in Rwanda is not surprising; through a partnership with Greater Mt. Nebo African Methodist Episcopal Church in Bowie, MD, where the PAC President Rev. Dr. Jonathan Weaver serves as the Pastor, the PAC has engaged in a two-week annual medical mission project in Rwanda since 2012, providing health care for over 10,000 persons in rural areas of the country over that period of time. Last year, at the beginning of the corona virus outbreak in Rwanda, through  Mukanama Deo Clemence, a member of a local church which hosted the medical missions groups in the past, volunteered to distribute 1,000 masks that were made in Rwanda but purchased by the PAC, and given to residents in need in the capital city of Kigali.. Owing to the desire of the PAC to formalize our presence in Rwanda, Rev. Weaver met with Mukanama Clemence and two other interested local residents to discuss the possibility of a chapter creation in early October of last year. Working with a local attorney, the process for securing registration for a legal presence the PAC in Rwanda should be completed shortly. Mukanama Deo Clemence, a graduate of the Adventist University of Central Africa, will be the Executive Director of this historic chapter. Expect to learn more about this exciting development very soon! 

PAC- Rwanda Board of directors


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Praise the Lord!! On last Friday, January 7, we received an extraordinary gift of $300,000 from Mr. Ulysses Jefferson that will enable us to purchase sufficient land and then start construction of a school of excellence for the Weaver Primary and Secondary School! Mr. Jefferson, who built a very successful business that was consistently ranked highly by Black Enterprise, has become a major supporter of the school and for that we are extremely grateful to him. This most recent gift will clearly quicken our pace to create a five-star environment for our young scholars and teachers  that will include enough classrooms to accommodate 1,000 students, a computer lab, a library, a multipurpose auditorium, a garden, a soccer field, a playground and basketball court. 

The five year old school currently rents facilities for its 875 students comprised of orphans and the children of refugees. 

Thank you Mr. Jefferson and all of our other supporters! We truly believe that the best is yet to come!!

Women's reception

February 09, 2018

On Wednesday, February 7, at the residence of Rev. Dr. Jonathan Weaver, Founder and President of The Pan African Collective, and Ms. Pamela Weaver, The Pan African Collective sponsored a reception for sixty African-American women which featured Her Excellency Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, Ambassador for The African Union to The United States as the keynote speaker.  The purpose of the event was for the Ambassador to encourage the women to become involved in Africa’s development and to engage with the Pan African Diaspora Women’s Association.

Grand Opening: African Union investment & Trade Office

January 30, 2018

Prince George’s Economic Development Corporation. Left to right: Remi Duyile, President /CEO, Image Consulting Group, James Coleman, President, Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation Corporation, African Union Ambassador to The United States, Her Excellency Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, Rev. Dr. Jonathan L. Weaver, Founder and President, Pan African Collective.

Ambassador Chihombori-Quao announced that a memorandum of understanding between the Pan African Collective and the Pan African Parliament has been signed by the Parliament. 

Response to Donald Trump's racist comments

January 12, 2018

Botswana and the African Union condemn remarks made by President Trump

Promoting economic growth in Tanzania

December 16, 2017

His Excellency Wilson Masilingi, Ambassador of Tanzania to The United States 
Saturday, December 16, 2017
Holding a poster promoting Sweet Unity Farms Coffee, grown in Tanzania by David Robinson, son of Major League Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson, and other Tanzanian farmers..


October 21, 2017

The Pan African Collective, a faith based initiative founded to foster a better understanding between African-Americans, Africa and the Diaspora held its Annual Prayer Breakfast at Riderwood in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday, October 21, 2017. Founded by Rev. Jonathan Weaver of Greater Mt. Nebo Church in Bowie, Maryland, the Pan African Collective Prayer Breakfast brought businesses such as SA-Tech, Mercy Ships, Direct Sun, Bates Trucking and Industrial Bank together with ministers of churches, non-profit organizations, community leaders and citizens interested in Africa, the Caribbean and the issues of the Diaspora. The keynote speaker was Her Excellency Dr. Arikana Chihbombori-Quao, African Union Ambassador to The United States. The African Union represents the 55 country members that are on the continent of Africa.

PAC Medical Director, Vice President meet and Ambassador of Rwanda

August 09, 2017

PAC Medical Director and Vice President meet with Professor Mathilde Mukantabana, Ambassador of Rwanda in preparation for the PAC Annual Rwanda Medical Mission in August 2017

Reverend Weaver with Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, Ambassador of the African Union

April 27, 2017

Rev Weaver and  Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao,the Ambassador of the African Union agrees to be the keynote speaker at the Pan African Collective Annual Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, October 21, 2017. SAVE THE DATE...

Black Mayors of Maryland

Mayor Jack Sims, Board member of the Pan African Collective, was present at a recent gathering of black Mayors of Maryland.

The PAC was represented

The Constituency for Africa (CFA) continued it’s efforts to introduce the new African Union Ambassador, H.E. Dr. Arikana Achihombori Quao to key leaders in the Diaspora in the Washington metro area.  Today (Wednesday, March 15th), CFA organized a briefing/meeting with leaders from the Diaspora in the Washington area representing a cross-section of backgrounds and expertise.  Reverend Weaver, was there representing the Pan African Collective.  This is the second such meeting that CFA has organized for introductory purposes.  CFA’s President Melvin Foote was pleased with the meeting and noted, “The strong-turn-out for this meeting on one of the coldest days of the year in Washington, is indicative of the interest that the Diaspora has in working with Ambassador Chihombori.  There is a sense of excitement in the air around her”!

Bernadette Denis

February 04, 2017

Bernadette Denis Speaking to the Pan African Collective about her experiences at the PAC medical mission to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Pan African Collective's meeting at the Rwandan Embassy

June 16, 2016

PAC Members, Reverend Jonathan Weaver, Dr. Nelson, Eugene Faison and Frantz Kenol were graciously received at the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda by Ambassador Professor Mathilde Mukantabana to discuss our upcoming Medical Mission.  .


May 03, 2016


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